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The Body of God

We are more energy than we are form. If we consider the atom as the basis of matter, atoms are made of whirling electrons, protons and neutrons, but are 99.99% space. We are more space than matter, in fact on the deepest level, matter is an illusion. The illusion of matter is created by the energy fields constructed by atoms. Even the electrons, quarks and neutrinos that compose atoms have only relative form, they are mostly defined by their electric charge, gravity and their interaction with each other through their movement and behavior. The fundamental aspects of matter have never been observed directly and sometimes act like waves, other times like particles. On the deepest levels, reality as we know it is all about energy and there is a lot of evidence that our intentions, beliefs and presence have direct impact on these waves and particles that create the world of form. This is the world of quantum physics.

I bring this up because we are all caught in the illusion of form. We are bound to a body, interact with other bodies and forms of matter in this thing we call life. On the ordinary plane of existence, everything- every “thing” - is impermanent. Forms arise and dissolve. All things in middle earth are born and die, even rocks have a life cycle over billions of years.

But underneath it all is a living energy. Life is a verb. All form is actually motion on the atomic scale and after centuries of study, science has only theories about the true nature of reality and very little proven fact. Because the deeper we look, the less we can see, at lease with our ordinary vision. Once we get to the realm of 99% space, we need to look with different eyes. We need to use our extra senses to experience the energetic reality that is the ground of being.

In the realm of form, we appear to be separate from each other and the world around us. We get into our car, drive on a road, enter a building and meet with other humans. Like a bunch of giant atoms bumping into each other. But, it is clear on an atomic level that atoms have tremendous impact on each other and that the space of which they are composed is extremely important.

In the Power of Now, Eckhart Tolle speaks of empty space as “the body of God.” He also refers to the “undifferentiated consciousness” which is the ultimate reality of which we are all a part. For me deep physics points to God and the Goddess. I now hold these ideas, the divine masculine and the divine feminine as the basis of duality and the principles which underlie all form. The energy of the atom is the energy of the I AM, the One from which all form emanates. Within the empty space of the atom and the empty space between glaxies, lies the unlimited creative potential of the Universe and for each of us individually. The unlimited creative potential possible for us as humans is found in every cell in our body, in every atom within and surrounding us. We are part of the living energy body of God.

Earlier I said that life is a verb. In this context, God/Goddess is also a verb. The masculine principle is the intention. The feminine principle is the infinitely creative womb from which all form is created. If everything is energy, and energy is flow and motion, that motion can be directed, is directed, whether we are aware of it or not, but the energy of thought, belief and feeling. This is the purpose of spiritual practice. To align with Life Energy and to create with it. This is our joy and our fulfillment. It is also the end of fear. Because if we really are the body of God, one with the life force, an indivisible part of a larger whole, that separation is an illusion just as form is. We really have nothing to fear.

So why do I still feel separate? Still feel a longing to be connected? For me this longing is the push of the life force toward unification and wholeness. When the undifferentiated differentiates, form is created. This is the dance of creation, and the culmination of the dance of life is to return to itself in an endless cycle of creation and decomposition. We call this death, but that is an illusion as well, because the foundational energy of who we really are can neither be created or destroyed. It just is. The I AM, of which we are all an inseparable part. Like waves are part of the ocean or the wind is part of the air.

Our work as humans is to participate in the dance fully. To surrender to the life flow, to dance the dance of the divine. We could call this energy love. If we hold the undifferentiated energy itself, the empty space, the body of God/Goddess as love; infinite, intelligent, creative, life giving, trustworthy, then we have nothing to fear on any level. I like this idea. I aspire to it, yearn for the end of fear. Quest to feel connected on the deepest levels and surrender to the highest good.

Yet, my human form trips me up every day. I worry. I get confused. I make what feel like mistakes. Still in process. Not in nirvana yet. I don't understand why reality is set up in this way. I have some big questions I want answered. I guess that keeps my life energy seeking reconnection. Maybe that's just part of the flow.

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