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What Clients Are Saying:

Kelli in San Francisco writes:

“Renee is an amazing healer! She works on a very deep level to get to the true root of the matter. I believe that what I’m able to accomplish with her in just one session would take years of therapy elsewhere. I feel incredibly grateful to work with such an authentic, wonderful and gifted practitioner. She is a true gem!”

Patricia in Mexico City says:

“Since day one, Renee was very warm, empathic, and with such a peaceful vibe. Her insights are spot on, so are her instincts. The way she leads you to the places and situations you need to see and confront, is soft, non invasive, not agressive… She just leads you gently towards the wounds that need healing. And, wow! Healing also started since my first session.“

AK in Oakland says:

“Working with Renee has changed my life. I have seen Renee for many years individually and have attended many of her retreats and workshops. Renee has been instrumental in helping me move through many big changes in my life. Her compassion, wisdom and humor bring hope and light to even the darkest places. She is grounded and practical and her work is very powerful. I have healed in areas I thought were broken forever.  With other therapists I have seen in the past it felt like I kept circling around the same issues over and over whereas with Renee I felt like we got right to the root of my problems and addressed the underlying patterns and the result has been shifts in areas that I felt stuck for years.”

Heather in San Francisco writes:

“Working with Renee was life changing for me. She helped me figure out what was holding me back around my relationships with men, dating, my dad and myself. I have done other types of therapy before and I found the Spiritual Therapy Renee does to be much more effective and rewarding. I could actually feel myself healing after her sessions. I felt more whole in a way. I think I was reconnected with parts of myself that I didn’t even know I had lost somewhere along the way in my life. At the same time I let go of things that I was not able to let go of previously in other work I have done. Thanks Renee!”

Danielle and Ben in San Francisco review their couples work:

“We have so much gratitude for Renee in our lives! She is truly amazing at what she does and we feel our couples work with Renee is some of the best things we’ve done for our relationship.  Renee was the perfect person to marry us and we are extremely thankful for the grounded feeling, the spirituality and strong values that she brought to our ceremony and our couples work.”

Dana says of Renee’s retreats and workshops:

“Renee makes my spiritual journey fun, sweet, compassionate, meaningful and rich.  I’m a devotee!”

Joan in San Francisco says:

“My experience of Spiritual Psychology has been mystical and miraculous.  Renee is a gifted healer.  She has helped me to roll away the stone that has been keeping me from a deeper relationship with myself.  Renee taught me to challenge my views, examine them in a new light and look for the deeper meanings of my experiences.  She helped me to chart the patterns of the early relationships in my life, patterns of negativity and dysfunction to which I was so attached that it kept me from engaging in the present, from bonding with my children and from forming meaningful friendships.”

S.J. writes:

“Renee is helping me change my life.  I’m so grateful!”

Dottie A. of Portland OR says:

“I am attending a couple of workshops and personal development Seminars  that Renee conducts. I am so happy to be a part of her world of Wisdom and Spirituality. She is thoughtful, educated and understands my flaws and how to accept them and improve on them. Thanks Renee for each and every time we meet!”

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