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in Spiritual Psi-Kology


Stage One

Mentorship in Spiritual Experience Work is a two stage process: Empower & Heal, then The Path of Service.


Stage One provides grounded spiritual tools you can integrate into any work or life circumstance.

Stage Two is one year certification that allows you to facilitate Spiritual Experience Groups, integrate the powerful tools of this work into your unique practice and work with clients as a spiritual coach or facilitator.

Stage One:  Empower and Heal Pre-Mentorship offers comprehensive support, practical tools and personal healing for people looking to really invest in themselves and move to the next level of peace, power and prosperity in their lives. Empower & Heal Mentorship focuses on holistic healing on the deepest levels, while discovering and supporting the highest expression of your true self in the world- mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically.


Do You Want To:

  • Discover your potential

  • Clarify your purpose and direction

  • Find deeper fulfillment and sense of purpose

  • Dissolve your blocks and fears

  • Heal unresolved emotional issues and past trauma 

  • Connect with your intuition and inner wisdom

  • Deepen your spiritual practice

  • Apply practical spiritual principles in all areas of your life

  • Learn grounded, useful tools for personal growth and healing



Stage One Mentorship will help you clarify your life purpose, find more fulfillment in your work and relationships and bring your unique gifts, talents and experience into the world for the greater good. 


This 3-6 month training starts by establishing a strong foundation in your own spiritual practice, expanding your understanding and conscious contact with God, Universal Mind or your own Highest Self. From this solid ground we evoke and develop your own unique path of service and self expression. 

Here’s some of the inner work we will do:


Identify Your Superpowers/ What’s Your Highest Purpose?

Get super clear about your goals, desires and intentions so that you can focus your energy to serve your highest purpose in the world.


Design Your Optimal Spiritual Practice

Healthy Habits for Success/ Creating and focusing your spiritual practice to serve your intentions and goals


Connect with Spirit for Power and Guidance

Make grounded, practical connection with Source so you can be inspired, supported, healed and empowered


Source Power 

Deepen and broaden your conscious spiritual connection so you can be of maximum service to yourself and others


Transform the Inner Critic

Update Your Inner IOS. Transform your inner fears, self-judgment and imposter syndrome so you can step into the power of your authentic self.


Dissolve Blocks and Fears

Individualized attention to healing unresolved emotional issues so that you can live and act from your most empowered self.


Bring Your Superpower into the World

Create a practical map for success so that you have clear next steps in how to bring your gifts and talents into your daily life.


Stage One Mentorship includes:


  • 15- 75 minute sessions with Renee LaVallee McKenna, MA, CCH

  • Between session homework to support your personal growth process

  • Access to unique guided audio for Inner Journeys

  • Book and guided audio for Allies & Demons: Working With Spirit For Power And Healing 

  • Workbook for Allies & Demons to deepen and expand your inner journey experience.

  • Mp3 for Shamanic Drumming

  • Weekly text support



Price BEFORE October 1, 2022: 


Or 2 payments of $1550 

Or 3 payments of $1100 (due every 5 sessions)

Price AFTER October 1, 2022: 


$3500 IF PAID IN FULL (SAVE $250)

Or 2 payments of $ 1875


 Stage Two Mentorship - The Path of Service is one year certification to learn, practice and integrate the powerful tools of Spiritual Psi-Kology into your unique work in the world.

Each month we will explore a different modality in this transformative work through group learning, co-practice with other mentees, direct supervision and feedback plus a monthly individual session to continue your personal development as a practitioner and work with your own unique skills and challenges.

Mentorship is for practitioners who have done a substantial amount of individual healing work and are looking to bring their life and their work to the next level: the level of service to others. Service is where the magic really happens within ourselves and in all areas of our lives. I'm excited to accompany you accross this threshold from being independent to being interdependent, from an individual journey to the path of service.


The joys, rewards and opportunites of this phase of development are rich and life affirming. You are preparing to awaken, clarify and manifest your most authentic self in the world.

You Will Learn:​


  • Soul Retrieval & Inner Child Work

  • Power Retrieval & Exchange

  • Psychopomp/Working With The Dead

  • Time - Lining/Chakra Retrieval & Power Integration

  • Induction/Scripts & Body Centered Awareness

  • Self Part Integration

  • Dissolving the Inner Critic/Feeding Your Demons

  • Negative Energy Extraction/Depossession

  • Boundaries/Calling Power & Merging With Guides

  • Grounding & Sitting With Compassion

  • Teaching The Shamanic & Inner Journey

  • Active Listening & Deepening Questions

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