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Renee McKenna, MA, CCH

About Renee

Renee McKenna Spirital Psychology

I am a Boston-born hypnotherapist and Shamanic healer who guides people to heal and transform on a soul level. My individual sessions, workshops, groups, and mentorship programs in Spiritual Psi-Kology offer a unique blend of neo-Shamanism and Buddhist philosophy with depth psychology and body-based mindfulness to clients world wide. 

I bring my 35+ years of experience as a recovering addict and ex-crazy person to my weekly podcast, sharing snackable teachings on spirituality, psychology and all things personal growth.


My book, workbook and guided audio series Allies & Demons: Working With Spirit For Power And Healing is available on Amazon and Audible. Allies and Demons guides you through the 15 basic inner journeys of OpenDoor Growthwork. This powerful book is filled with inspiring client stories, soul level wisdom, and Renee's personal journey of healing and empowerment.


My passion is to bring this work that has healed and transformed my life to all who need it. I offer lots of free content, including weekly workshops on Insight Timer.

To expand the scope of this profound work, I now have a

year-long Mentorship Program to train other therapists, counselors and healers the grounded and practical tools of Spiritual Psi-Kology. I also offer Healthy Healer Workshops offering tools for healthy boundaries, energy medicine and spiritual connection for other practitioners. 

Women's March San Francisco, Renee McKenna
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