Book, Workbook & Guided Audio

Allies & Demons combines the ancient healing and wisdom traditions of Shamanism and Buddhist philosophy with the best of Western psychology to create a powerful medicine for the mind, body and spirit.

The inner journeys of Allies & Demons use guided imagery, hypnotherapy and body-based mindfulness to connect with the powerful allies of nature, loving ancestors, the Highest Self and the God or Goddess of our own understanding. These grounded tools provide the form and language we need to find, face and heal our inner demons. Our demons are the fears, depression, anxiety and unresolved emotional wounds that are the roots of our pain and dysfunction.

Once something finds form in our active imagination, we can work with it directly in powerful ways that dramatically improve and transform our relationship with ourselves, with others and with the world. When we resolve our underlying emotional and spiritual problems - the inner demons that cause our suffering unravel and dissolve.

Connected with spiritual allies and free of our inner demons, we can express our authentic self in the world and discover the joy and fulfillment that are our birthright.

"Talking about personal growth work is like talking about taking a shower. We can talk about the hot water, the soap, but we have to actually take a shower to get clean. The whole purpose of this book is to get you to actually DO the inner work."

What is Spiritual Psi-Kology?

Spiritual Psi-Kology works directly with the emotional, spiritual and body-felt experiences of a person using guided imagery, hypnotherapy, body-based mindfulness and Shamanism.

In contrast, Western psychology operates primarily from a rational or intellectual perspective. This can be very helpful, but is limited. 

Each of these approaches are effective in different circumstances.

What is a Spiritual Practice?

​A Spiritual Practice is to the soul as exercise is to the body. It is a specific activity or time dedicated to connecting with our highest self or life force as one understands it.

It is both grounding and nourishing to find a practice that works for us and has a rhythm that is sustainable.

What are the Benefits?

  • Establish a direct connection with higher consciousness, however one may perceive that.

  • Create and maintain emotional balance, peace, and grounding.

  • Establish energetic safety, security, and confidence.

  • Develop intuition, insight, and wisdom that is always available at any given time.

What is an Inner Journey?

Inner Journeys are guided meditations to access realms of consciousness that our rational, intellectual mind does not allow. It is an experience of the deeper self with the goal of personal growth and healing.

Our emotions, body, and spirit hold profound wisdom and guidance, and journey work is a doorway to those different inner realms.