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This book and the inner journeys have healed me in ways I didn't think were possible. So grateful!"

Maureen O'Neil, Boston

Allies & Demons combines the ancient healing and wisdom traditions of Shamanism and Buddhist philosophy with the best of Western psychology to create a powerful medicine for the mind, body and spirit.


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  1. Experiencing Spiritual Reality

  2. Calling Power

  3. Finding The Golden Child

  4. Working With Ancestors & Angels

  5. Releasing The Inner Critic

  6. Healing The Child Within

  7. Transforming Trauma

  8. Reclaiming Lost Power

  9. Dissolving Depression

  10. Facing Our Fears

Healing, Empowerment &
Transformation in Every Chapter:

The inner journeys of Allies & Demons use guided imagery, hypnotherapy and body-based mindfulness to connect with the powerful allies of nature, loving ancestors, the Highest Self and the God or Goddess of our own understanding. These grounded tools provide the form and language we need to find, face and heal our inner demons.


Our demons are the fears, depression, anxiety and unresolved emotional wounds that are the roots of our pain and dysfunction.

Once something finds form in our active imagination, we can work with it directly in powerful ways that dramatically improve and transform our relationship with ourselves, with others and with the world. When we resolve our underlying emotional and spiritual problems - the inner demons that cause our suffering unravel and dissolve.

Connected with spiritual allies and free of our inner demons, we can express our authentic self in the world and discover the joy and fulfillment that are our birthright.

Book, Workbook & Free Guided Audio
Also Available on Audible

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