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100 Year Old Self

What if you could connect with your oldest, wisest self in present time? What perspective would this aged one have on your current concerns and problems, already having lived through it all? What insights and advice would your optimal 100 year old self offer to you today?

We all have inner wisdom available to us, and whether we are aware of it or not, we all have a higher self. Helping folks access their own inner guidance system is one of my passions as a therapist. I don't know what's best for anyone, but deep in each person is a connection to truth, compassion and power. Making that connection is essential for health and happiness in life.

The most direct way I have found to make that higher self connection is through guided imagery or what is called a "journey." Under the busy rational mind and the swirl of feelings and emotions is a realm of purer consciousness that we can access with our inner senses. If we can take a few moments to get quiet, the spiritual realm is right there and it really wants to engage with us and bring us to our own highest good.

I recently got to lead one of my favorite journeys, the journey to our 100 year old self. It is short, simple and profound. The link to this journey is at the bottom of this page. I encourage you to take 6 minutes, turn off your phone and listen to that part of you that knows more than you can imagine.

There is a Buddhist concept that all time is present time. Eckhart Tolle suggests this same idea in The Power of Now, when he says that time may be more like a deck of cards than a row of papers laid end to end in chronological order. Whether you understand this journey to be your own active imagination or an actual visitation from yourself in the future; it doesn't really matter. What matters is that you make the time, take the time to listen to your own highest self in whatever way you can hear it.

Take 7 minutes to listen to my segment on Anchor:

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1 comentario

12 abr 2018

A client shared this poem after doing this meditation at a recent workshop. With her permission I want to offer it to you.

Met up with an aspect of my Higher Self,

my own self at the end of my life.

In a beautiful, calm, peaceful quiet cottage in the woods.

Gravel pathway.

Flower gardens on each side of the pathway.

Quiet surroundings.

Small, humble, but inviting abode.

Fireplace in the living room.

Simple, comfortable furniture.

Warm, soft, beautiful fabrics.

Into the back room.

Rocking chair.

Sunlight, shawl.

She is smiling.

She has been through the next 30 years.

She knows the outcome.

“Yes, go for it.”

“Yes, become yourself.”

“Yes, go for your creativity.”

“Yes, go for expressing yourself.”

Me gusta
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