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Become Your Own Shaman

Friday, Sept 16, 2022

@ 11am ET or 3pm ET

Shamanism is an ancient method for healing, personal growth and gathering information. Almost every culture has roots in Shamanic traditions of working with the spirit of nature, ancestors and pure realms of consciousness that have only our highest good in mind.

Learn about the Shamanic concepts like non-ordinary reality, the Shamanic journey, spirit guides and power animals and much more. 

Discover how to incorporating these traditional ways of knowing can transform and empower us to heal ourselves and improve our world. We are now called to become our own Shamans and as we grow and mature, we help the larger system we all share.

Transforming Trauma

Friday, Sept 23, 2022

@ 11am ET or 3pm ET

Trauma can absolutely be healed. Trauma happens when and incoming experience is too much to handle and the psyche splits or splinters as a way to manage the unmanageable. Energy goes into fight, flee or hide mode in the moment and the traumatized part of the self is frozen in psychological or historic time, waiting to be rescued, healed and reintegrated into present time.

Our work is to bring the wounded, lost and traumatized parts of ourself out of suffering and into present time, where they can be loved and cared for in the way they've always needed.

Image by Zach Lucero

Spiritual Parenting

Friday, Sept 30, 2022

@ 11am ET or 3pm ET

There is no greater calling in life than parenting the children that God has placed in our care. Spiritual parenting is about grounding in and parenting from spiritual principles. As spiritual parents, we are channels of Divine love and wisdom for the children in our lives.. Adult caregivers benefit as much as the children from this perspective and practice, because parenting is as much an opportunity for growth and healing for the adults as it is for the kids.


We learn to support and trust the unique path and needs of each child- and to honor our own.

We expand our understanding a application of practical spirituality and are role models for our children and well as their humble students.

We open our hearts and minds in new ways to be the best parents for the children we love and care for.

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