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The Veil Is Thin

The veil between the worlds is thin this time of year. It is no coincidence that Halloween and celebrations to honor the dead like Dia

This is the season of gathering and letting go. Release what no longer serves you. Be nourished by what has passed. Make room for new growth to come.

de los Muertos fall at the end of harvest. My friend Holly lost her son last year. He visited her in a dream last night. I feel my mother and my best buddy Lori, both gone over ten years now.

Halloween highlights our collective fear of death. The Latin Day of the Dead celebrates it. How we navigate the endless cycle of death and rebirth drives our experience more than we know.

The natural process of death is all around as leaves fall, fields are fallow and the last of the warm weather retreats. We will turn the clocks back this weekend trying to grasp more light as the darkness of descends. But darkness and death have much to teach us about how to live and the mystery of the life force. What dies is compost for what is to come if we live deeply.

Tulips will not bloom if they don't sit cold for 6 weeks. Maple trees need hard winter to produce spring sap. Ocean tides turn this time of year from depositing sand on beaches to pulling sand away and cleaning, clearing.

This is the season of gathering and letting go. We must release what no longer serves us and honor what has nourished us in order to move forward in a healthy productive way. Change and loss can be scary, but facing our fears is a constructive, character building experience.

Marie Kondo, the organizing guru talks about cleaning our spaces as "making room for God."

What do I need to let go of in my life? A job I hate? A dead relationship? An energy sucking habit? Perhaps my children are growing and I need to relate to them differently and let them go? Perhaps my parent is aging and I am now the grown up? Perhaps my beauty is fading and I need to release old ways of using power that no longer work?

Death is the twin sister of birth. They are inseparable. Death ALWAYS makes room for new life. Always. 

What do you need to let go of in your life today? What nourishes you? Where are you called to make room for God or new growth to come?

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