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It's Better To Light A Candle, Than To Curse The Darkness

I need to be reminded to ask, “What can I bring?” Rather than “What can I get?” And that’s the thing about spiritual practice, I always need a lot of practice. When I think about when I can give, or what I can do for someone else, the glass is always half full. When I focus on my own problems, and the places I’m not where I want to be, where I don’t have what I think I need- the glass is half empty.

I believe there a spiritual laws just like there are laws of physics and chemistry. Just as in the physical world where every action has an equal and opposite reaction; every act of love, selflessness, generosity or kindness comes back to us. Maybe not directly. Maybe not in a way that will connect the dots for us to see. But it is my experience that no goodness goes unrecognized by the universe. All good service serves the server. It’s easy to tell good service. Because I feel good when I’m done. If I feel drained, resentful, or burdened, then either my service of that which I am serving is off. When I genuinely and open heartedly gift to the world, it opens a gateway to joy and fulfillment, to connection and a sense of purpose, no money, no drug or great sex, no amount of prestige or power can touch.

I like the acronym that God stands for ‘Good Orderly Direction.’ The practice that I need to be reminded again and again is to ask, “Show me what I can do to make this situation better?“ Then my job is to pay attention to what crosses my path. I need to pay attention to the texts and emails, my friends and family, the person on the street. Life is interactive. As I take responsibility for my actions, I can drink from my half full glass knowing that I really am doing the best I can, and that’s damn good enough.

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