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Gift of a Broken Heart

The Great Mother encourages our authenticity and uniqueness. If we can find the courage to deeply self reveal with those who understand us, we can operate on a soul level and benefit from the great mystery and magic reside there. But, mystery cannot be manipulated and real magic is never faked or persuaded. We must come naked before our mother and she always finds us worthy. Wounds cannot be healed or used to help others unless we uncover them so that we may be healed ourselves.

Trying to be perfect or keep things all buttoned up behind a false social mask, will never get us what we really need. We may have those who like us or admire us, but they will not love us, for only the authentic self can love and be loved. When we are trying to act worthy so that others will approve, we actually distance ourselves from what we want. The false self knows it is false, and even if others claim to love us, we know deep down that they only love the mask because that is all that we have given them.

It takes great courage to be emotionally honest. When we share the truth of our experience, we will find that the truth will set us free. No matter how messy the emotional truth is, we can trust that what might feel like sludge, is actually fertile soil for our authenic self to grow and flower. Those who only love our social mask may fall away, but those who seek real connection will come to take their place. Our only chance of fulfillment and joy is to reveal who we really are and how we really feel. You can trust the process.

We are often afraid of our pain and though this is understandable, what we defend against may be our saving grace. Do not fear your heart being broken. It is through the cracks of the broken heart that the light of spirit and ultimate reality can shine and illuminate our footsteps going forward.

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