"Discover the joy and fulfillment 

that are your birthright."

Ready for

Real Change?

  • Heal and transform issues at their core​​. ​

  • Gentle, effective tools of hypnotherapy, shamanism, Buddhism, mindfulness and depth psychology

  • Release destructive  patterns, negative beliefs and past trauma.​

  • Establish healthy, mature and constructive ways of being and relating​.

Calling Renee, was one of the best decisions I have ever made, one of the greatest gifts I could give myself. Warmth, peace, empathy, deep insight, spirituality and healing, with a touch of laughter, are the elements that allowed me to finally trust a therapist and her process 100%.


San Francisco

I recently attended one of Renee's spiritual workshops. Amazing! The day went too quickly and when it was over,  I left with new insight,  and inner serenity. She shared her wisom, spiritual practice and incorporated myth into the mix. Wow! Looking forward to her next workshop,  retreat or whatever she does.

Leah N.

Portland, OR

The work I do with Renee in one session would take months in other therapy I have done. When I leave her office, I can actually feel that I have grown or changed.

Jim Mc


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75 minute session

of Spiritual Psychology

with Renee McKenna.


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What is within us,

if we bring it forth,

it will save us.

What is within us,

if we do not bring it forth, will destroy us.

The Gospel of Thomas

Gnostic Gospels of Nag Hamati

What is Spiritual Psychology?

Soul Retrieval,


& Inner

Child Work

In Spiritual Psychology all time is present time and all pain can be healed. 

​The goal of inner child work is wholeness, personal power and letting go of what no longer serves us. We heal the past to be fully present for our lives today. 

Childhood experience can be devastating. Fear, neglect and abuse often remain frozen and unhealed for years and even decades. Healing our childhood wounds can radically shift our life experience and dissolve old patterns of anxiety, depression, rage, self harm and addiction. Learning to become our own healthy, compassionate care giver is a life changing experience.

PTSD Trauma





Trauma is the psyches attempt to manage the unmanagable. For many there is a sense of something breaking or shattering internally and usual ways of managing daily life break down. Fear, anxiety, panic may set in or intrusive dreams and nightmares may interrupt the abiblity to sleep. Depression and other  overwhelming feelings and emotions  make living a painful challenge.


Trauma has many causes. What is traumatic for one person, may have little effect on another. Trauma may be a terrible one time experience like a death or loss, an accident, illness, physical or sexual assault, traumatic birth experience or witnessing a shocking event. Trauma can also form from long term verbal, physical, mental, emotional, sexual or spiritual abuse, illness or lasting stress.

Spiritual Psychology understands trauma as complex experience of soul loss or power loss. Shattered or lost parts of the true self are gathered, healed and repatterned. Negative energy stored in the body is released and new internal structures are created to integrate and support the whole self moving forward. 

Spiritual Mentorship:



Authentic Self

Peace, power, joy and fulfillment are our birthright. I can help you find your optimal path, reclaim your authentic self and discover new resources for personal power, love and service.


I will be your guide and companion as you travel the inner journey to personal power, wisdom and guidance. There are many paths up the mountain and Spiritual Psychology offers a variety of methods to connect with Spirit, Universal Life Energy  and your own highest self. 

Through the shamanic journey, guided meditation, hypnosis, body centered mindfulness, ritual or mystical prayer, we will navigate your inner landscape to find the method that works best for you to access and develop a spiritual connection that is natural, trustworthy and empowering. Spiritual Mentorship is a place to take risks and experiment in a safe and supportive setting.

Negative Energy Clearing & Spirit Release

In Spiritual Psychology everything has a form. Negative thoughts, feelings and even disease, can be seen as parasites

that feed on suffering and fear. They deplete our life energy, make us sick, keep us stuck, sabotage our positive efforts and even urge us to violence, self harm and suicide.

Nothing lives in our psychic space without our permission on some level. Usually our unhealthy habits of mind and behavior are rooted in survival skills originally intended to protect us that now threaten to destroy us. Sometimes we unwittingly play host to the pain or negativity or others, even to dead or disembodied spirits.  

Safely clearing negative or spirit energy and releasing defenses and relational patterns that no longer serve us is extremely transformative and empowering physically, mentally, emotionally and energetically.




Intuition & Divination

The 78 cards in the Tarot deck represent every live circumstance and inner challenge in life. Working with these archetypes or symbols can offer a fresh and deeply intuitive approach to our circumstances. 


I work with multiple decks in a reading and use my own intuitive skills and intention to bring clarity, insight and affirmation to your own inner knowing.


Tarot readings can be done on line via Zoom. You are the expert on you and though I will draw the cards, together we will interpret what this divination offers you. There are many paths to connect with the larger consciousness system and I find Tarot to be both fun and informative.


$100/1 hour  

Your session did more for my healing than many years of therapy. I've left the toxic mess behind. I'm living in a new place, cooking food I like, meditating and laugh out loud happy. I'm forever grateful for your gift of getting rid of my past negativity. Thank you!


Pocatello, Idaho/Phone Session

I am strong and myself again after nearly losing everything. Renee was a light in my darkest time.



Renee is a wonderful practitioner I have worked with her for 6 years and I am so grateful for her amazing work. She is excellent for treatment of PTSD and has done more for me than any of the several other practitioners I have seen put together. I did not see a real change in my PTSD symptoms until I met Renee. Thanks so much!!!


San Francisco

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What is Spiritual Psychology?

my home office

What If I don't live in San Francisco? Are Distance Sessions Effective?

I work with clients all over the world via phone, Skype and Facetime. The highly transformative tools of Spiritual Psychology are just as effective at a distance as in person. You just need to arrange a time and place where you will be comfortable and undisturbed for our session. I hope to offer distance workshops and groups in the near future.

How Do I Pay? What About Insurance?

Sessions are $175 and last 75-90 minutes. Payment may be made with cash, personal checks, Venmo, credit card or Paypal. I do not take insurance directly, though some insurance and medical savings plans may cover hypnotherapy work on a reimbursement basis. I do reserve some sliding scale spots for clients committed to weekly sessions, as I want to make this work accessible to everyone who wants it. If you need a sliding scale, send me an email.

Spiritual Psychology combines the ancient healing and wisdom traditions of shamanism and Buddhist psychology with the best of western psychology to create a powerful medicine for the mind, body and spirit. Beyond healing our mental and emotional suffering, Spiritual Psychology works on a soul level to empower and activate your authentic self, the source of true joy and fulfillment. 

I use the proven techniques of guided imagery, hypnotherapy and body based mindfulness to access your own active imagination to heal your issues as their core. These grounded tools give form and language to the non-rational feelings, beliefs and internal dynamics that cause our suffering.


Once something has a form, we can work with it directly in powerful ways that improve and transform your relationship with yourself and others in a positive way. When we resolve the underlying emotional and spiritual problems, the symptoms unravel and dissolve.

Spirituality as a Source of Power


We are spiritual beings having a human experience. Connecting with spiritual power in a practical way is central to this work and to being a whole and healthy person. We work directly with your own Highest Self, Universal Wisdom or the God/Goddess of your own understanding to source power and wisdom beyond the limited, habit based, conscious mind. 


At it's core, Spiritual Psychology is a mystical practice of making direct connection with the Infinitely Creative Life Source that underlies all of reality.

I'm intensely practical and Spiritual Psychology is like a shortcut to personal growth and healing. Generally speaking, when we straighten our spiritually, we naturally straighten out mentally, emotionally and physically. My mission is to help you heal on all levels.

What Can I expect in a Session?

Spiritual Psychology sessions last 75-90 minutes. Most session are divided into two parts. Generally, the first half of the session will be spent in discussion, much like regular talk therapy. The second half will be spent doing "inner work" using active imagination, hypnotherapy, shamanic journeywork and other gentle, transformative tools to address the issues that came to light during our discussion. Longer sessions are available for specific blocks of inner work.

How is it different from talk therapy?

Spiritual Psychology blends the grounded techniques of mindfulness, Lifespan Integration, DepthHypnosis, Shamanic Soul Retrieval, Buddhist philosophy and transpersonal psychology to bring lasting change to places where regular talk therapy can’t go.

My work is experiential. Though part of each session is spent in discussion, the magic is in the "inner work" which looks and feels like a guided meditation, but Spirit or your own Highest Self is our primary guide.

My goal is to activate and empower your own authentic self and to connect you with the unlimited spiritual resources for growth and healing that are available to us all. From this place of spiritual connection, we bringing compassion, hope and healing to the parts of the self that are wounded and stuck in self defeating patterns.

I use gentle, grounded therapeutic techniques to re pattern and transform the underlying thought, belief and feeling patterns that are the source of your problems. When we heal our core issues at their source, the result is real and permanent change on a soul level. 


As old dysfunctional patterns are released, new, life affirming ways of being take their place. When your negative core beliefs, limiting self talk and inner world changes, your relationships, your daily choices and life experience naturally and radically improve. 

Why Is It Called Spiritual Psychology?

Spiritual Psychology is a process that grounds you in the power of your highest self - the part of you that has only your highest good in mind. You might experience your highest self internally, as your own deep wisdom, or externally, through a connection with nature, transpersonal awareness or the Divine. There is no dogma associated with this work, no religious or spiritual belief system you need to believe in. 

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