Relationship and Karma Series

Sundays, March 11, April 8 & May 20

from 10am-4pm
at 3131 Rivera Street, San Francisco

Workshops may be taken individually
$100 each day or $275 for all 3


Relationship is our greatest teacher. It is also the source of our greatest joy and our deepest suffering. In Spiritual Psychology, we believe that no one is in our lives by mistake. 

Join Renee McKenna, MA for a three part, in-depth process of healing and transforming how we relate to others and what our family, social and romantic relationships have to teach us on a soul level. 

March 11, 10-4
What is my soul trying to learn? Karmic Patterns in Family and Romance
- Understand, heal and transform our relational patterns on a soul level
- Discover the deeper lessons found in our family of origin dynamics
- Learn powerful soul retrieval and power exchange techniques
- Establish grounded emotional and spiritual resources for personal growth

April 8, 10-4 

Healing the Past. Rewriting our Relationship Agreements
- Release past involvements and trauma that influence our life today
- Reveal unconscious relational agreements and renegotiate healthy contracts.
- Advanced power exchange and retrieval techniques for emotional healing 
- Clear guilt, shame, obligation, neediness, codependency  and other unhealthy patterns

May 20 , 10-4

Healthy Boundaries, Emotional Maturity and Sacred Sexuality 
- Gain practical tools for navigating difficult or unhealthy relationships
- Gather resources for establishing healthy boundaries and self care
- Becoming emotionally mature, managing feelings and stress in relationship
- Explore sacred sexuality, heal past sexual and emotional wounding

- Learn powerful practices for deepening love, intimacy and connection


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