Mentorship in Spiritual Psychology

Allies of the Mind, Body and Spirit
3 Months - Level 1


(7) sessions, including 2-hours dedicated to goal setting

(3) 30-minute phone sessions

Text support

Between session individualized daily/weekly connecting with Allies practice for spiritual empowerment



Spiritual Psychology is not talk therapy. Using the powerful tools of Shamanism, hypnotherapy, Buddhist philosophy and body centered mindfulness we will cultivate and strengthen your connection with Spirit for empowerment and healing.i will teach you both ancient and modern methods for cultivating your own authentic self and guide you on a life path of joy, meaning and purpose.


 We each have work to do in the world, our own unique gifts to bring and special talents to share. Personal Progress is the only path to the joy and fulfillment we seek. This is an inside job. 


When we change, heal and empower the inside, our external experience changes exponentially. 


This is a path of deep giving and receiving. The Universe wants to support our personal growth and happiness. Level 1 opens the door to Spiritual Power and connection with daily supportive practices, weekly check ins and 3 sessions a month, (2-75 minute sessions and 1-30 minute phone call.)


Each session is aligned with your goals and developing vision for yourself. Daily practice and weekly check ins provide loving, intuitive guidance and support as we midwife the development and birth of your true self.

Join me in the growing community of Spiritual Warriors

changing the world as we grow and change ourselves.


$1,545 or $515/month